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Supported by professional consultants who have over 15 years of experience in importing American cars.
We offer a full support cycle - from the purchase of the car to the delivery of the car to the specified address.
Our main specialization is the import of used cars and new cars from the United States. You can also purchase cars at Copart, IAAI, and Manheim auctions.
We buy cars from authorized dealers in the U.S., with the proposals can be found directly on our website.
Our main goal is to protect you from dishonest dealers and minimize your risk of failing to buy a vehicle at Copart, IAAI, and Manheim auctions. Every offer you send us is checked based on several dozens of factors, and if even one of them causes us doubt we will discourage you from purchasing the item in question.

Remove vehicle history from your vin number in just 2 to 5 business days. The right to privacy of your vehicle's history can be maintained by removing the sales history, price, mileage and other personal information about the vehicle from all internet resources. We can also remove photos of the vehicle with damage from access.


Price of hiding: $55




We remove car history information from many online resources. We offer comprehensive removal of history and photos from partner sites, of which there are already more than 100 and every day the list of sites is only expanding. We offer to optimize your time and rely on us for quick and quality results. Want to remove vehicle VIN information from a large number of sites - leave an application.

It takes from 2 to 4 working days to remove car history and photos from the internet. In exceptional cases, the process may take a bit longer - up to 7 days after payment.

You can choose the payment method which is most convenient for you. It could be a credit card payment through payment modules, PayPal, or e-money transfer.

We have personal managers of almost all search resources through which we submit accelerated forced requests to reindex sites from which information about the car has been removed.

Search engines are designed in such a way that today the Internet has expanded greatly, and the power of search engines and Internet bandwidth is not enough to index the entire Internet in one day. Some famous news Internet portals are indexed every day, some Internet databases with cars every few months. Each VIN code that we clean, we send to search engines for forced reindexing, so you can already see the result within a week, in rare cases it takes longer. In any case, you can follow the link offered by the search service yourself and make sure that the content has been removed from the requested resource and your car is no longer there.

In our practice, it so happened that upon receipt of a deposit, we deleted the information, the car was quickly sold and the customer disappeared. We always meet the needs of our new clients, and if there are concerns, we suggest deleting one resource at a time.

We recommend ordering a “cleaning” of the car no earlier than one week after the end of the auction. This is due to the fact that most sites post information about the car immediately after the end of the auction, but the display in search engines occurs 3-7 days after the information appears on the sites.